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Ghost Vodka is an ultra-premium, unrivaled, striking and imposing vodka like no other. Possessing prowess and attitude in any of its natural environments if you don't know Ghost then its time to get to know.

Created by a small group of individuals who had a vision to create an edgy yet elegant, pure and refined vodka that had a strong, powerful presence and didn't mirror the aesthetics of many dull vodka's on the market.

The bold design boasts only our skull on the gloss black bottle. Ghost arouses both controversy and intrigue. You need not to see it in writing to know it’s Ghost.


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Ghost Vodka Welcome

Offering a bit on the pallet with slight distinctions of caramel, Ghost’s finish is so smooth its almost un-felt much like the breeze of a Ghost subconsciously passing by in the night.

Available in Union Jack, Gold and Silver skulls the current range consists of 5cl, 70cl, 150cl with 300cl, 600cl bottles in the pipeline.

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You don't have to see it in writing to know it's
Ghost Vodka

Launched in June '15 in London’s prestigious Fortnum and Mason in a quintessentially British but twisted manner. Swiftly following suit Ghost established itself in the most desirable and exclusive watering holes in London such as Tramp, Maddox, Annabels, Buddha Bar, Mortons, Bassoon Bar at The Corinthia Hotel as well as 2 Michelin star restaurants, 5 star hotels and specialist wine and spirit stores.

Moving into Europe the official Ghost Vodka Party during the Monaco F1 weekend was held at Jimmy’z in Monte Carlo. Akon performed and the likes of 50 Cent, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown were in the house. Also during Cannes Film Festival Ghost was found at award ceremonies and at Leonardo DiCaprio's private after party.

Ghost Vodka Welcome


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Ghost Vodka Welcome


Ghost's European distribution now spreads through in France, Holland, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Spain Luxembourg and Croatia.

Further afield we are selling in Australia, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Poland, Cambodia and Indonesia.

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