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Ghost Vodka is an ultra-premium fully British made vodka. Made with an eye for detail, Ghost is both striking and imposing. Ghost was created with a vision to create an edgy yet elegant, pure and refined vodka.

We infuse our British heritage and luxury ingredients together to bring you this unique and outstanding ultra-premium vodka. In a world where true quality has become merely a mirage, Ghost Vodka delivers a truly luxury finish with visual echoes of the apothecary's treasure trove of precious potions and liquors.

Recognised instantly by our skull, Ghost Vodka whets the appetite for those who dare to be discerning and choose choice and individuality over common following. Individuality is an attribute we admire, value and nurture. Our love for vodka and bringing people together is what spurs our intent to continue bringing a pure and refined vodka of this calibre to the world

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Ghost Vodka Welcome

The bottle comes in three designs. The Union Jack skull for a product that's British to the bone, Gold and Silver for the discerning and deserving consumer looking for an elegant and striking presentation.
Our black gloss bottle and aluminium skull possess the power of intrigue.

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Ghost Vodka

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Ghost Vodka is distilled in the picturesque surroundings of the British countryside. In Victorian times, an old salt depot occupied the site where our distillery stands today.

Rumours had it that whilst the distillery was being built the workers were tormented by all kinds of unexplained happenings at night time they were disturbed by strange howls and what sounded like faint screams, rapping at the windows and eerie shadows flitting about outside. Things would be knocked off the side in their living quarters, windows would fly open for no reason and they would feel something mysterious brush past them where they lay terrified in their beds.
Naturally this scared the poor workers out of their minds and many didn’t stay on the job very long! Strangely after the opening no-one working there was ever troubled by screams or howls, mysterious banging windows and doors or sinister shadows again.

At the night all to be heard was a peaceful country wind rustling through the trees, the odd creaks and cranks from the copper pot stills, a nice bright moon and the odd glass (or bottle) of vodka in the evening.

It turned out that the real spirit was Ghost Vodka.

Ghost Vodka Welcome

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Ghost Vodka Welcome

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